How much can I save with BelZoSIM's roaming charges?

Traveling using your standard mobile abroad can be extremely expensive due to international roaming costs. Travellers, whether business or leisure often overlook the cost of using 
a mobile phone abroad which can often cost as much or even more than the trip abroad itself.

With BelZoSIM, you can slash the roaming charges of using a mobile phone abroad by as much as 95%. For holiday makers this can translate into savings of over a €100 for a one week holiday to Europe say, and for regular business travellers the annual savings can be over €1000. 

We have created a Tariff Wizard to show you how much you can save on roaming charges with BelZoSIM compared to your standard network. Simply enter details of your call usage into the Tariff Wizard on the 'see how much you can save' page and discover how to cut on roaming charges.





Susan saved over €750 on her 10 days holiday

Susan went on a 10 day holiday in United Arab
Emirates Each day she received 5 calls each of 5 minutes,
a total of 250 min during her stay
Each day she made 5 calls to the UK eacht of 5 minutes,
a total of 250 during het stay
She send 10 text messages to the UK in total
She is normally an KPN customer.


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