Making A Call

BelZoSIM works just like a normal SIM card with one small difference when making a call. BelZoSIM uses call-back technology to ensure you get the lowest rates. With BelZoSIM, you dial your number as normal always using the full country code. However, instead of getting directly through to the person you are calling, there will be a brief 'call back' between dialling the number and being connected. A few seconds after making your call, your mobile phone will ring. Answer the call, and your call will be connected. to the party you are calling.

To make a call:

1.Dial the number including the full international dialling code ie. +31612345678
2.You will see a "Please Wait" message. The phone will then disconnect. Please note that different phones will display varied messages. Some may even say “call failed”, “call rejected”, or “sending a request”. These are all a normal feature. 
3.Please wait. Within a few seconds you will receive a ‘callback' and your phone will ring.
4.Answer the call and you will hear a message saying your call is being connected.
5.You will be connected to the person you are calling



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