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Stay connected in over 130 countries
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With BelZoSIM you can now connect to the internet anywhere in the world
with prices starting from just €0.31/MB. Global data roaming has never
been this affordable - as wel as low cost calls you can now be online locally & globally!
BelZoSIM offers simple, flexible options so you can stay in control of your data roaming costs.

Have the freedom to update your status on facebook, check your email and much more!

For data coverage and rates, please select a country below:

To activate Data on your BelZoSIM, please go through following steps: 

  • To set up a data connection, you will need to setup a new 'Access Point Name' on your mobile handset.
  • The access point name (APN) you need to set up needs to be called 'globaldata'.
  • Leave the username and password fields blank.
  • Your phone may try to connect to your original supplier so you may need to disable all other data connections.

If you have any problems, please consult your handset's user guide.

How much can I surf with 1 MB?
One MB allows you to send about 40 text e-mails, make around 75 Google searches, surf on Facebook or LinkedIn 5 times. With Skype mobile, 1 MB is enough to send and receive about 13 messages a day and make one Skype call of about 4 minutes.

1. Data is charged per session, in 100KB increments. The minimum charge for a session is for 100KB.
2. In order to access Prepaid GPRS Data in some countries, you may need to select a different network from
the network on which you make and receive calls.
3. All data costs are quoted inclusive of VAT.
4. Rates may change without notice. 

For data roaming ratelist click here

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